Online registration for ESCAP 2021 events

ESCAP will host 2 days of virtual events in June 2021. The 24th June will be a Training Day dedicated to trainee child and adolescent psychiatrists and will be co-organised with UEMS-CAP and EFPT. The 25th June will be an ESCAP Expert Day open to all, with a full day of keynote speakers and questions.

Keynote speakers:

Samuele Cortese: Treatment of ADHD: from evidence base to practice
Carmen Schroder: Sleep-dependant mental health in children and adolescents
Argyris Stringaris: Should we get rid of the term depression? A reflection on history and heterogeneity of affective nosology
Vera Clemens: Childhood trauma – too complex for complex PTSD?
David Nutt: Using pharmacology to improve treatment decisions


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